Friday, November 19, 2010

Sew Fun at Northwest Indiana Sewing Center

Northwest Indiana Sewing Center looks like Santa's workshop today as the busy sewing ladies put the finishing touches of embroidery and quilting on projects of all types.   

Everyone is completing projects started at previous classes so this is called a "Mudd Day" where everyone finishes up under the gentle guidance of instructor, Janice.  

There are a couple of Tea Quilts being worked on and even though the same embroidery patterns are used the results couldn't be more unique and individual when the ladies add their special colors, fabric, and personality to the projects.

Working on Tea Time Quilt

Floral Quilt
There are gorgeous floral quilts being embroidered in burgundies and violets that will bring gardens inside for the winter and keep loved ones warm.

The true elves are working on Advent calendars. 

Cindi's is coming along in spite of some technical difficulties earlier in the week at home. Cindi plans to donate her work to the St. Mary's Hospital fund. Last year volunteers raised thousands of dollars for new equipment for the hospital from donations like Cindi's masterpiece.    

Barb's advent calendar was a little further ahead and just as stunning:

And projects were at every stage imaginable; some were being quilted instead of embroidered today:

Almost finished quilt square; very elegant! 

And best of all, everyone had help with advice, supplies, and stitch removal when boo boo's arose (no pictures of those and I'm not telling who!)

 The Northwest Sewing Center is all decked out for Christmas, and has a full schedule of classes planned just like the fun projects seen here. The machines available do the sewing for you, leaving you to be creative and sit back and receive the laurels; just like all the ladies today.

Sample of the Machines available just in case Santa stops by

So tell your Santa that you need a new Sewing Machine, accessories, or a couple of classes as stocking stuffers for Christmas this year and stop by and see all the beautiful things that you can do with a new machine.

The next class project is of Santa himself:

Isn't this beautiful? And so easy too

Join the fun and have a Sew Merry Christmas!