Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Notions of Note

One of the most precious gifts I ever received was a box of handmade ornaments from my mother the first Christmas that I was married; a gift that will go on giving for many years even now that she's gone. Everytime I get them out they remind me of her and I smile.

If you're looking for a homemade Christmas for you or your loved ones check these ideas out. Holiday coasters and ornaments, gingies, snowmen, candy canes, and Santa's. We've also got a lot of new gift card holder designs this year. Sew cute. I can't wait to start a set for my own family!    

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After the Event

Our Husqvarna/Viking Event days last Thursday and Friday were such a success that we are planning some more!

Besides delicious quilt and sewing machine cookies made by Highland Manager's Joan's, daughter we received tons of tips and great project ideas by the Husqvarna Viking rep, Deb North.

In the morning we took advantage of Deb's inside knowledge of 5D Professional Embroidery Software System. Deb brought a few samples of great and only good embroidery projects and explained how to improve digitizing. We got to view the ins and outs between the different 5D design packages and some of us learned of professional features that we just can't live without; which is why we're upgrading!

By the end of the morning we were all planning to make quilts of our family albums---using the picture digitizing tips and hints that Deb had given us. And of course, we will be stippling the quilts right in the hoop with 5D Quilt Software.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a trunk show of simply lovely projects that were made using all the nifty accessories that come with your Husqvarna/Viking machines and additional add on accessories that are available in the store. One foot that we all added to our list was a felling foot to make nice, flat seams that are finished on both sides like those on most jeans. Then again, one of my favorites was the binding foot that helped stitch nice, straight bindings on to any project.

We also picked up some nice tips that we'll be sharing here over the next few weeks. To get you started here's the first one:

Mark your feet and accessories with a nailart pen available at your local drugstore. Pick a color and let everyone know what your color is and the next time you're missing a foot or accessory after leaving the sewing center, we'll all know which customer's foot was left and be able to return it to you.

And don't worry if you missed out, we're hoping to do another event soon.    

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Notable Notion

Whether you're trying to get embroidery designs square in the hoop or placing an applique in your quilt one hand notion is the PAL or Perfect Alignment Laser.

It will even help you place a picture on the wall or sew a precisely straight seam.

Watch the video and see how versatile this notion is!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Classes---Back to Basics and Beyond

Learning to hoop
We're often asked if we offer classes---and the good news is yes we do! We offer everything from private instruction with you and your sewing machine to basic sewing skills classes to creating dream quilts and embroidery.

All our sewing machines come with a class in how to use your machine to make sure you get the most out of the features and accessories that your new machine offers.

But if you've already bought a machine from a competitor, we'll help you use that machine too. (fee applies.)

Beginning Sewing Projects---
Pajamas and pillowcase 
Our beginning sewing classes get you started with a solid set of skills once you know your machine and are comfortable with it. In most of our beginning classes, you start with basic, easy projects where you learn how to use a pattern, cut fabric, and sew in a straight line. Other classes may teach you how to install a zipper, sew buttons, or sew on a curve.

Quilt Piecing--1/4 inch seams
And everyone who has attempted a quilt after a lifetime of garment sewing knows what a different skill set quilt making requires. So we have a beginners quilt class that helps you sew a pieced quilt with 1/4 inch seams, then make a quilt sandwich with all pieces together and finally bind the quilt to make your first masterpiece.

learn how to use sewing feet and applique
If you're interested in embroidery, we have simple and elaborate projects that can teach you how to hoop properly, select colors, adjust designs, or use software to digitize your own work of art.

Sewing for Hospice Bears
And if your budget is tight and like some people you're out of work with plenty of time to learn knew skills but no resources, we have a a sewing for charity program, where you bring in your sewing machine and use our supplies to sew for local charities all the while you are learning new skills.

For more information give our class calendar a look or call the store to see how you can come join in the fun of learning new sewing skills. Fees apply to most classes and require the purchase of supplies to make the class project. But keep in mind a how to use class is included with the purchase of any new machine.
Embroidery, Applique, and ribbon---sew sweet!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Projects ahead for Sewing for Hospice

The Highland Sewing Center's customers are donating their time for more sewing and another Sewing for Hospice event.

This time we're getting together and sewing Memory Bears. We're repurposing a special, but worn piece of clothing into a bear that will bring comfort and memories to a hospice patient and family.

Won't this bear be bright and cheery?

And here's another being crafted out of a favorite but worn White Sox jersey. It will be really special when complete.

Come join us on Thursday's. It's great to get together, sew, learn new skills, and know that we're helping the community. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Sewing

We're in the last days of summer and heading toward the back to school rush. With money being tight for most families, more and more moms (and dads) are dusting off that sewing machine and creating back to school clothing, supplies, and totes. The best thing about sewing your own (besides the more reasonable price for a designer piece) is that your child and you can be creative and get exactly what you want in color, size, and material.

At the sewing center we have literally thousands of embroidery designs that are suitable for kindergartners on up through college; designs to suit any hobby or interest.

We also carry 5D Software that allows you to digitize your own designs from a piece of clip art or a school logo. How cool is that? And it is simpler than you might think---we even have classes to show you how!

So here to get your creative juices going are some projects scoured from across the internet:

  • Laptop tote/messanger bag with free instructions from Coats and Clark. We carry an assortment of Coats and Clark threads in the Sewing Center to help out with your projects.
  • Also from Coats and Clark is a handy wall organizer. I'm thinking of attaching magnets to the back for an organized  locker. The best part of this project is that it recycles jeans---bet you have plenty of worn out jeans if you have school age children. Use store bought embellishments or grab that embroidery machine and use some of those designs. Come see us if you can't find exactly the right thing for your child. We've got plenty of designs!
  • When you have school, you have lots of books. With books you need bookends. Such a simple project is this one for fabric bookends. This is a real beginner project and I'm thinking you could add any trim or embellishment that you can find that makes you happy.
  • And with all those kids getting together, you'll need tissues and plenty of them. Here's the plans for a handy tissue cover. So easy to make and won't your child feel special!  
  • And finally when all the kids get together for homework after school, they'll need some drinks. And how do you keep whose drink is whose straight? With cup cozies of course! Made right on your sewing machine. This project would be perfect for that embroidery machine but also is within reach of a regular machine. Find the instructions on the Better Homes and Gardens site here.   
And remember, we have all sorts of sewing machines, threads, designs, software, and notions and know how. So stop by and see us---we're here to help.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Come Join us for a Trunk Show and Demonstration!


You are invited to a day of being dazzled by Husqvarna Viking. Come see all the potential your Husqvarna Viking Machine has with these two session events on August 23rd or August 24th. RSVP is required for each session due to limited space:

In the Morning Session it's all about 5D Software**:

Join us for a show of what 5D Software can do for you!

 You are cordially invited to our Trunk Show Event. At this event an expert educator from Husqvarna/Viking will demonstrate why the 5D Embroidery Software is the most innovative and easy to use Embroidery Software on the market. We'll have samples and demonstrations to show you just what you can do with this versatile sewing accessory that you can add to your sewing room. Plan to join us at one of these times:

  • In our Highland, Indiana store on Thursday, August 23, 2012  9AM-12PM**

  • In our Merrillville, Indiana store on Friday, August 24, 2012 9AM-12PM**

RSVP is required and because of space constraints we are limited to the first 20 people. Won't you come join us?

And in the Afternoon Session we're doing feet, feed, hoops and more! **:

Join us for feet, feed, hoops, and more events


 You are cordially invited to our Trunk Show Event. At this event an expert educator from Husqvarna/Viking will demonstrate all the fantastic things that you can do with Husqvarna/Viking Sewing Machines. We'll have samples and demonstrations to show you just what you can do with all the versatile sewing accessories that you can add to your sewing room. Plan to join us at one of these times:

  • In our Highland, Indiana store on Thursday, August 23, 2012  1:30PM-4:30PM**

  • In our Merrillville, Indiana store on Friday, August 24, 2012 1:30AM-4:30PM**

RSVP is required and because of space constraints we are limited to the first 20 people. Won't you come join us?

The Instructor:

The Husqvarna/Viking Rep at our event.



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**Space is limited. Please call the sewing centers today to avoid disappointment! 



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Notion of Note

Love, love, love the free motion quilting design of this package from Anita Goodesign! Just look at that quilting; candles, packages, gingies, snowmen, and ornaments all quilted with no hassle on your holiday table runner or pillow cover.

The possibilities! Come in today to see all the Anita Goodesigns we have in stock.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News---Embroidery Software for Mac Users!

Coming soon to the Northwest Indiana Sewing Centers---embroidery software made for Mac Users.

We will be taking pre-orders between September 1 and October 18, 2012. Everyone that pre-orders will receive an exclusive free gift from Husqvarna/Viking.

Stay tuned to indianasews.comMerrillville Store or Highland Store Facebook, Pinterest Page and, of course, right here on our indianasews blog for information as we receive it on this great new product.