Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After the Event

Our Husqvarna/Viking Event days last Thursday and Friday were such a success that we are planning some more!

Besides delicious quilt and sewing machine cookies made by Highland Manager's Joan's, daughter we received tons of tips and great project ideas by the Husqvarna Viking rep, Deb North.

In the morning we took advantage of Deb's inside knowledge of 5D Professional Embroidery Software System. Deb brought a few samples of great and only good embroidery projects and explained how to improve digitizing. We got to view the ins and outs between the different 5D design packages and some of us learned of professional features that we just can't live without; which is why we're upgrading!

By the end of the morning we were all planning to make quilts of our family albums---using the picture digitizing tips and hints that Deb had given us. And of course, we will be stippling the quilts right in the hoop with 5D Quilt Software.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a trunk show of simply lovely projects that were made using all the nifty accessories that come with your Husqvarna/Viking machines and additional add on accessories that are available in the store. One foot that we all added to our list was a felling foot to make nice, flat seams that are finished on both sides like those on most jeans. Then again, one of my favorites was the binding foot that helped stitch nice, straight bindings on to any project.

We also picked up some nice tips that we'll be sharing here over the next few weeks. To get you started here's the first one:

Mark your feet and accessories with a nailart pen available at your local drugstore. Pick a color and let everyone know what your color is and the next time you're missing a foot or accessory after leaving the sewing center, we'll all know which customer's foot was left and be able to return it to you.

And don't worry if you missed out, we're hoping to do another event soon.    

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