Monday, August 20, 2012

Classes---Back to Basics and Beyond

Learning to hoop
We're often asked if we offer classes---and the good news is yes we do! We offer everything from private instruction with you and your sewing machine to basic sewing skills classes to creating dream quilts and embroidery.

All our sewing machines come with a class in how to use your machine to make sure you get the most out of the features and accessories that your new machine offers.

But if you've already bought a machine from a competitor, we'll help you use that machine too. (fee applies.)

Beginning Sewing Projects---
Pajamas and pillowcase 
Our beginning sewing classes get you started with a solid set of skills once you know your machine and are comfortable with it. In most of our beginning classes, you start with basic, easy projects where you learn how to use a pattern, cut fabric, and sew in a straight line. Other classes may teach you how to install a zipper, sew buttons, or sew on a curve.

Quilt Piecing--1/4 inch seams
And everyone who has attempted a quilt after a lifetime of garment sewing knows what a different skill set quilt making requires. So we have a beginners quilt class that helps you sew a pieced quilt with 1/4 inch seams, then make a quilt sandwich with all pieces together and finally bind the quilt to make your first masterpiece.

learn how to use sewing feet and applique
If you're interested in embroidery, we have simple and elaborate projects that can teach you how to hoop properly, select colors, adjust designs, or use software to digitize your own work of art.

Sewing for Hospice Bears
And if your budget is tight and like some people you're out of work with plenty of time to learn knew skills but no resources, we have a a sewing for charity program, where you bring in your sewing machine and use our supplies to sew for local charities all the while you are learning new skills.

For more information give our class calendar a look or call the store to see how you can come join in the fun of learning new sewing skills. Fees apply to most classes and require the purchase of supplies to make the class project. But keep in mind a how to use class is included with the purchase of any new machine.
Embroidery, Applique, and ribbon---sew sweet!

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