Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Sewing Tradition

The other day a customer remarked about just how much sewing machines and sewing have changed over the past 20 years. This customer loved attending classes at the sewing center and was now teaching the next generation the skills, fun, and satisfaction that all of us who sew know all about.

My Mother had five tiny girls just a year each apart. Each Easter she would sew an Easter dress for each of us. Usually the style of dress was the same but we would each be in a different color---a bit like the colored Easter eggs that graced our holiday table. We would march off to church in those Easter dresses, bonnets, and little purses so proud of our new dresses and Mommy!

Our Easter table always included the tablecloth that Grandma had sewn on her Singer and hand embroidered. She would have been so amazed and excited at what our embroidery machines do these days!

Our customer was so right---sewing is a tradition that we can pass on; happy memories of love and  family---heirlooms that we pass on to the next generation that stay with them even as we go. So have a blessed and Happy Easter and have a wonderful time making traditions of your own.

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