Thursday, October 4, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just about everyone has been touched by a life that has been affected by Breast Cancer. It's hard to know what to say and you feel so hopeless when all you want to do is help. Here are some projects from around the internet that you can sew and give some comfort to someone who could use a little something just to make it through to the next hour, the next day, the next five years.

So let's go get our breast exams and let's get behind those whose lives are touched by this disease:

  •  Sew a comfort pillow for a cancer patient. This pillow fits around the shoulder to keep the arm from resting on delicate sore areas. The pattern comes with this embroidery design and is currently free, although you do have to create an account to download. The pillow pattern is a downloadable PDF. Click on the picture for more info. 


    Source: via Northwest Indiana on Pinterest
  • I thought this was a great idea---a prayer pillow. Tuck a thoughtful note, prayer, or blessing in the pocket of this tiny heart.

  • A lovely paper pieced quilt block perfect in pink---Click the picture to get to the pattern:

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