Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Embroidery Tip---Bobbin Thread

Today's machines do so many wonderful things, especially those wonderful machines that do embroidery. Sometimes optimal results require a bit of tweaking.

Starting out with a quality digitized design is the first step to obtaining great results. Installing a fresh, sharp embroidery needle of the correct size for your project is very important. Also using the correct stabilizer is imperative.

Then there is the thread. For projects where the back isn't going to be the same as the front, it is best to use a bobbin thread made specifically for bobbin embroidery applications. Bobbin threads are lightweight so more thread fits on the bobbin and that means less bobbin filling and swapping in the middle of your project. And bobbin threads reduce bulk so your design isn't a wedge of thread sitting on your fabric.

We carry good quality bobbin threads and can recommend an appropriate thread for your project. Threads come in cotton, polyester, and filament polyester(nylon).  No matter what thread you choose, you should run a design test and adjust your tension accordingly to insure that your project turns out perfect.

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