Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stitch a Fall Knit with These Tips

Even Feed Foot
Planning on sewing some of those fall knits---the ones that look so good, are so comfy, and stretch to fit? If you have one of the Husqvarna Viking model sewing machines, like the Designer Ruby Deluxe or the Designer Diamond Deluxe then all you need to do is look to your built in sewing advisor for advice. Program in knit as your fabric and your built in sewing advisor will pick the stitch and let you know what foot and needle to use. If you're not lucky enough to have the built in sewing advisor, never fear! With a bit of know-how you too can stitch knit fabrics like a pro.

Knits are fabrics that are looped together rather than woven. Knits are stretchy and require seams that stretch too. Seams that are not stitched especially for knits will not give and are more prone to break than stretch.

The first thing to consider when stitching knits is your needle. There are special needles made for stitching knits. The sewing machine needles specifically for knits have a special scarf that helps them through the knit without pulling and stretching the fabric. This special scarf also prevents missed stitches. Keep a supply of stretch needles on hand in different sizes so that you'll have the correct needle for any project.

Then you'll need to consult the owner's manual for your machine on the recommended stitch for knits. A regular zigzag stitch will usually work, but as machines have become more sophisticated the machine manufacturers have included other suitable stitches to help you make your seams in knits perfect. Be sure to review the recommended foot to use with your machine's recommended stitch.

Stitch a sample using a scrap of fabric from your project. Adjust the width and length of the stitch if necessary. Be sure that your fabric sample isn't puckering. If you're still having problems consider purchasing an Even Feed Foot for your machine. An Even Feed Foot helps beginners and experienced sewers alike feed all sorts of fabric through their machine evenly and uniformly.

So don't be afraid to grab some knit fabric and a pattern made for knits and add some wonderfully comfy clothes for that fall wardrobe!

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