Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tip of the Week

Today there are needles for all different sewing projects. Using the right needle for the job will make sewing easier and you'll get much better results.

For general all purpose sewing, the first thing you need to look at is the type of fabric you are going to sew. What weight is the fabric?

Needles have numbers and there are two types of numbering systems; American and European. The higher the number the heavier the fabric. A great chart comparing the two variations of  numbers can be found here.

What type of project are you working on? Use embroidery needles, stretch needles for stretchy fabrics, needles for leathers, microtex or sharp needles for synthetic leathers, denim needles, topstitching needles, and self threading/handicapped needles. There are quilting needles, and needles for heirloom sewing, and free motion sewing. And finally, there are twin needles and even triple needles for decorative and precise rows of topstitching. 

All these needles have special features that perform the job professionally with ease.

Using the incorrect needle can cause problems such as skipped stitches, breaking or bending of the needle, or snagging and creating large holes in your fabric.

A more detailed online article regarding needles and needle usage can be found here.

And we're always here to help at the Indiana Sewing Centers. If you need assistance or advice, pack up your thread and fabric and come see us in Merrillville or Highland. We'll find the needle that you need for your project.      

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