Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tip of the Week

One of the challenges that beginning quilters face are those 1/4 inch seams---there isn't a whole lot of room for error.  And if the seams aren't straight and exact it can throw off the whole quilt making it difficult or nearly impossible to piece; with crooked results.

Never fear though---help is available no matter what machine you own. For those who have Husqvarna/ Viking machines---Designer Diamond, Rubys, Sapphires, and the Emerald 203 simply be sure to choose the 1/4 inch stitch and use your A or B foot.

If you have a machine that doesn't have the special 1/4 inch stitch, pay the Sewing Center a visit and pick up a 1/4 inch or Quilting foot accessory for your particular machine. They come in metal or see through plastic and will help keep those stitches at a quarter of an inch and your quilt even and accurate for a more professional result.            

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