Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Notion of the week

Have you heard that we now carry a complete line of Floriani Threads! Hundreds of new colors to choose from---can you imagine what you can add to your projects? Is there a specific color that you've been unable to locate in other lines? The perfect color just might be in the Floriani line.

Floriani has very high quality standards throughout the factory. They control and track lot numbers back to traced right back to the manufacturing process.

The thread has been proven color-fast with a high tensile strength by an independent international lab.

Not only that, the Floriani company has a real dedication to the environment; making sure that the dyeing and manufacturing process has as little environmental impact as possible. The company has been known to change the use of certain dyes to become more environmental friendly.

Add some sheen and luster to your projects today with some Floriani Thread!     

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