Friday, December 16, 2011

Notion of the week

There are times when even the most experienced sewers need help. And since today's 12th day of Christmas gift is buy two get one free on sewing machine feet, I thought it would be timely to give you the scoop on a sewing machine foot that can help you out.

This is the walking foot. This foot will keep those quarter inch seams straight and well fed through your machine for perfect stitching all the time. It can also help with quilting, feeding those difficult, slippery fabrics that need some extra help, or when you have thicker items that could use an extra boot through the machine.

The other day during quilting classes at our Highland store, store manager and quilting guru, Joan, noted that one of the students was having difficulties with those seams going through on the straight and narrow. Joan recommended the walking foot for the student's machine.

Sure enough, the seams were PERFECT and trouble free too. So hurry in and get your walking foot today and take advantage of the buy two get one free deal on all feet!

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