Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tip of the Week

Planning to complete that first quilt? Wondering about thread?

Depending on your particular project you'll want to take the following items under consideration as you select your thread for your heirloom quilt.

  • What Color is usually a question asked by quilters and the answer is ---it depends. For the piecing a color matching the darker blocks maybe what you need. For quilting, if the quilting is the part of the project that you want to pop then use a contrasting thread. For beginning quilters a matching thread that blends stitches into the background may be called for. Whatever color you select do a sample before you apply to your entire quilt to make sure you are getting the affect that you want to achieve.
  • Quilting and Piecing Thread or is All Purpose all right to use? Quilting and Piecing Thread is specifically designed to be used in quilting. Using a fine piecing thread can help keep your piecing seam accurate---the finer the thread the easier you'll find it to keep accurate. A cotton thread of size 50 is recommended by expert Debra Wagner in her book Teach Yourself Machine Piecing & Quilting.    
Be sure to make a sample run of your project. Adjust tension, if necessary.And make sure your creation is exactly you. 

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