Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Notion of the Week

Are you having problems finding designs that suit your projects? Still looking for embroidery designs that are just right for that pillow, quilt, or scarf?

If you believe that your creativity is all in the details and the details available are not quite what you need, it is time to try digitizing your own embroidery designs. And the top of the line software for digitizing is 5D Professional.

5D Professional makes it fast and easy to create your own designs with the following features:

  • Multiwave fills that shape and provide 3D effects to your embroideries. Make realistic leaves and flowers. Shape hair, skirts, coats, and shirts on your designs of people---put realistic fur on those cute puppies and kitties. With just a couple of clicks in 5D you can do things with a design that would take you a few hours to do in other software!
  • Create color gradients making your designs more detailed and realistic. Again, in a fraction of the time your design has more detail and looks more professional.
  • Have some clipart that you've can't wait to embroider on a pillow or quilt? A school mascot or slogan? Using the Express Design to digitize will get those designs from just computer drawings to embroidery in short order.
  • 5D also organizes all your designs, allows you to change colors on all designs and provides a realistic view of embroidery right on your screen so you don't have to guess what your end results will be. Use your own library of theads to plan out colors and view right on the screen!
5D software helps you create projects never dreamed of. Stitch family trees, include old photographs. Or commemorate a family vacation, honeymoon, or reunion with stitched photos and memories. Create memorable, keepsake cards for family and friends. Digitize designs made just for your grandchildren's interests. Make a memory quilt that can be passed down from generation to generation.

And one of the nicest things about 5D is that we provide classes and support after your purchase. And Husqvarna Viking has a site full of fun and interesting tutorials and projects and ideas just for 5D software customers.

Today's heirlooms start with 5D software. And a special deal on this software starts tomorrow. Visit our website tomorrow for the details.

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