Monday, February 6, 2012

Tip of the Week

So you're ready to buy a sewing machine. The options can be daunting and confusing. And like a good customer said today there are sewing machines that cost as much as some cars. But which one is the sewing machine for your needs?

The first thing you should consider is what you are going to use the machine for and how much you will use it.

Singer 8280---Basic Stitches and Features
Great for learning to sew or occasional use
Today you can purchase a decent machine for around $100.00. This entry level machine will come with a few stitches---straight stitch, zig zag, and a couple of decorative stitches. This machine will do average weight fabrics fairly well and, with the right needle will handle light weight denims. If you are planning to use the machine mainly for occasional mending this might be the option for you.

Singer 9960
Heavy duty machine with 600
built in stitches---great all purpose
sewing machine

If you plan on sewing clothes or home fashions and using the machine once or twice per month you may want to go with a little better machine. For $300.00--$500.00 you can get a machine with features that can help you with anything from sewing that 2 year old's wardrobe to sewing drapes and curtains and even quilting. Not only do you get additional decorative stitch options, but several styles of button holes, extra presser foot lift for heavier or thicker fabric applications, twin needle sewing,  and drop feed dogs for free motion quilting and embroidery applications.

Husqvarna Viking H-Class 600E
Embroidery Machine with USB
connectivity makes a great starter
embroidery machine 
If you are mainly interested in home decor ---quilting or embroidery, then a new embroidery machine would be the one for you. Embroidery machines start around $1000.00 and many do regular sewing too. Hoop size drives the cost of the embroidery machines. Hoops start at 4"x4" and can go up to 14" or more. Some machines come with software so that you can make your own designs, use your clipart, or even make embroidery from your digital photographs. One option to look for in an embroidery machine is a USB connection to your PC so that you'll be able to transfer designs directly from computer to sewing machine without special cards, readers, or equipment. These machines also have bigger work surfaces---making quilting much easier.

But even the most expensive machines won't meet your needs until you know how to use them. Free classes like those that come with your new sewing machine when purchased at the Northwest Indiana Sewing Centers, friendly advise, and answers and help with any questions and issues that arise after your purchase insure that you will be satisfied.

And when it comes time to service your machine---we will be right there to provide fast, quality factory certified service too. Come see us and the new line of sewing machines today. 

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