Monday, November 19, 2012

Classes add Design Embellishments

Project design packages sometimes don't do justice to the actual project that you can create with them. One thing great about taking a class is that you get so many great ideas to make projects really pop from our managers and sewing instructors. For example look how this tree just pops with  sparkle just by adding a couple of adjustments in color and decoration. Simply beautiful and much more inspiring than the package don't you think?
Another great design is the Tree-mendous 3D Christmas Tree Design. Here's the package:
And here's the in store inspiration:

 Another plus that you get from taking a class is that it's just plain fun getting together, creating, bouncing ideas around and sharing inspiration. In this way quilts that are from the same design end up looking completely different, all the creator's project; wonderful results from the same design. Take a look at these two Christmas Town quilts:
These are so different and so inspiring! The first in blue and white---like a mid winter night---so fun just like Christmas Eve. The second one in red and gold with a black frame--such an original color choice for this elegant artistic treatment.
So whether it's beginning sewing your looking for or just to hone your expert skills and experience, you'll have fun, pick up tips, and become more creative---call the sewing center today and sign up for one of our fun holiday classes.     


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