Thursday, November 8, 2012

Machine Quilting

One of the best ways to learn how to sew is to piece a quilt. By the time you've pieced your first quilt top you'll know how to sew a straight stitch. If your top has a bit of applique, you'll be the master of curves, fancy stitches, and those supplemental feet that came with your feet.

And all these skills learned will transfer into other sewing that you do whether it's home decor or designer fashions for your family.

If you've been to any of the great quilting classes at the sewing center lately, you probably have some quilt tops done. If you're the average customer, you are daunted by the next step: the quilt sandwich and putting it all together with machine quilting. At the sewing center we have special classes where we gather together to put our quilts together. It's a job where you may need an extra pair of hands and room to work and we're here to help.

Stitching in the ditch
The most important step in quilting your quilt is basting the sandwich layers together. Sewing Center experts recommend spray basting as the best way to sandwich your quilt components prior to quilting. But if you don't like the spray or have allergies, we have special pins for pin basting or you can baste with a needle and thread. Whichever way you baste, be sure to take your time to get all the layers smoothly together. This will make the rest of the quilting process easy and fun.

Even Feed Foot really helps quilting
One of the easiest quilting techniques is the stitch in the ditch method. This is where most quilters start because it requires a simple straight stitch around the quilt squares. There are special stitch in the ditch feet with flanges that ride the seam to keep your stitches straight. If you're having issues controlling your quilt, try an even feed foot as a tool to keep your quilt straight and evenly fed through the machine.

As you become more experienced you can begin exploring the quilting options your machine gives you. For example, the new Designer Ruby Deluxe has a number of built in quilting stitches that can make the quilting as creative and fun as piecing your quilt. And with these stitches the actual quilting of your quilt becomes less intimidating.

Designer Ruby Deluxe Quilting Stitches

More fun Designer Ruby Deluxe Stitches 
Your Singer Sewing Machines also have many fun stitches for quilting also.
Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter 

7469Q Stitches

The best way to try all these fun quilting stitches is to enroll in a sewing center class to  make a pillow topper. A fun, smaller project will bring out the designer in you and will provide courage and experience to tackle those large quilt projects that await you in the sewing room.
The best way to learn sewing is take a class at the sewing center and we have some really great classes planned for this holiday season. Won't you join us, take some time to relax with us and make a few gifts or decorations that are just you. It would be so awesome to help you create a wonderful holiday season for you and your family!


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