Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Sewing Machine for Christmas?

A sewing machine makes a great Christmas gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. And there are even more selections and better deals than last year! So many improvements, more features, and machines that take sewing to new heights of creativity.

Here are just a few of the selections that we have available at the sewing center this year:

General Purpose Sewing

Tradition 140C
Husqvarna/Viking came out with its brand new Anniversary models this year. The 140C is the electronic version that has a graphic display with sewing advisor, 145 stitches, and features you would normally find in more expensive models like needle up/down, fix function, and memories for decorative stitch functions. Two lights make it easy to see where you're sewing and there's a generous work surface for big projects like quilts. This sewing machine carries on in the Husqvarna/Viking tradition that is over 140 years old.
Singer 2250 Tradition
 If it's a starter machine you're looking for the Singer 2250 Tradition makes an excellent selection with its basic features that include 10 built in stitches, handy snap on presser feet and a nice selection of accessories. This is a simple beginner model and at a price well under the $99 level it would be easy to throw in a sewing basket with extra needles and a bit of fabric.

Embroidery/Sewing Machines

Husqvarna/Viking Topaz
Today's embroidery machines do more than just embroidery---add a lace edge, embellish an outfit, quilt, and do whole projects right in the hoop with a touch of button. If you haven't seen one of these machines do their job, then come by the sewing center because you are in for a real treat. Most people are surprised to learn just how affordable the Husqvarna/Viking Topaz line is and it is the beginner model. With over 100 built in stitches, free designs, and a built in sewing advisor this USB compatible machine helps the home sewer get professional results each and every time. Machines like this one make sewing so much fun and easy too.

And this year the two gems of the Husqvarna/Viking line, The Designer Diamond Deluxe and the newly designed, Designer Ruby Deluxe come with special incentives to sweeten the holiday deal. Bonus gifts and Rebates---but only for a limited time. If you're curious about which machine is for you, hop on over to our website and view this handy chart.
Our machines come with after sale support and classes to help you get the most of your sewing machine's features. We'll teach you how best to use your machine, whether it's how to thread, adjust tension, change needle positions, the best feet to use for your project, or lowering the feed dogs. Today's machines have so many new features that the old ones didn't have a handy class outlining the new features will save your gift recipient frustration and will help your loved one get the most enjoyment out of creating the next generation of family heirlooms or runway fashions.
We also take trade ins and offer a fine assortment of reconditioned models---if  your budget is limited come see our assortment of used machines. We also support these models with limited warranties and after sale support and classes.
So, whatever your price range or skill level we are here to help you get the best gift you can possibly buy and insure that your loved one gets the most out of that treasure. Come see us today!  

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