Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Notable Notions

Aqua Magic is not your ordinary dissolveable stabilizer. This stabilizer is strong and off the role appears like any regular, undesolvable stabilizer---just like a light fabric. There the resemblance ends.

Aqua Magic is great for items that have edges---gift card holders, freestanding lace projects. It is heavy enough to handle applique stitches and you can use 2-3 layers for dense stitch applications.

Aqua Magic also comes in a tacky version for applications when you're not going to hoop your project and need to tack down your item. The tacky glue washes away just as easily as the Aqua Magic Stabilizer---simple hot water does the trick---truly magic. Now at our low price of $38.95 for a 12x25 inch roll of Aqua Magic or $51.95 for a 12x10 inch roll of Aqua Magic Plus with the tacky surface. Stock up today!  


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