Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why upgrade to 5D Professional Plus?

Husqvarna Viking has a trade in deal going on 5D Embroidery Software and TruEmbroidery for the Mac Operating Systems. This makes now a great time to upgrade whatever software that you are currently using to the state of the art software package that can help you do whatever you've been dreaming of in creating fashion and home decor distinctly yours.

But why should you upgrade? What do you get when you upgrade your products?

If you currently use digitizing software other than 4D or a 5D component what you receive in a 5D upgrade is a professional product that allows you to create and manipulate designs easily and with more precision than ever before. Users of 5D tell us that the 5D products are amazing in comparison to other products. Here's a summary of the 5D products available and a sample of what they do:

5D Embroidery Package

  • Resize, Rotate, and manipulate designs. Don't worry about overlap when joining designs, overlap and stitches are adjusted for you. Change colors in the software and see what the results will be right on your screen using thousands of built in colors from all the prominent manufacturers.
  • Monogram and use lettering on your projects with fonts that are readily available on your computer. 
  • There are over 700 embroidery designs included that you can include in your projects.
  • Organize your embroideries in 5D organizer.

5D Embroidery Extra

  • Do everything that 5D Embroidery Package does plus
  • Create designs from your favorite pictures.
  • Use Colorsort for the best, most efficient stitch out.
  • View projects before stitch out on various backgrounds; try out embellishments; and view appliques on your project before you add them. Adjust on your screen before you stitch and you'll always have the perfect result that you had envisioned.

5D Professional Plus

  • Ever been in the middle of the design process and wish your tool could just do something else? 5D Professional Plus comes with 11 different modules built in to make sure that you will always have what you need.
  • Shade and form your embroidery with multi gradient fill, lace, and more.
  • Load or draw images and then automatically convert what you've drawn to embroidery! So simple!
  • Use your machine motifs or create your own.   
  • Create portraits of family members, pets, and stitch a whole family portrait. Frame them, make a memory quilt, commemorate a special occasion or wedding.
  • Includes 5D sketch, Cross Stitcher, Family Tree among the modules
Come in and consult with our staff to find out what package is the best for you and what you plan to do. We support the products whether it's just one question or a class.

Now is a great time to upgrade with the generous rebates for trade in, but they will only be available for a limited time, so see us today.


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