Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Dual Feed Foot with its own Interchangeable Feet

Leave it to the Husqvarna Viking folks to come up with the foot that we've all been dreaming of---a dual feed foot with more than one foot of its own so that we can use it to stitch more than a straight stitch!

The Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot (sometimes called a Walking Foot or Even Feed Foot ) helps you out on all those projects that a typical dual feed foot helps with; feeding heavy quilts or other projects, moving knits or slippery fabrics through your machine evenly. The difference is that you can use this foot with more than just a straight stitch. Included in the package is a spare foot for zigzags and available separately is a Changeable Decorative Foot that has a flange that keeps decorative stitches straight down seams and is perfect when you're stitching in the ditch on those quilted projects.

This is one of those feet that every sewing toolbox requires. Come in and see us today. Available for machine #5, 6, and 7.


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