Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adding a Serger to Your Sewing Room

Sergers can appear intimidating to even the most seasoned and experienced sewing enthusiast. But if you've been wondering how a serger can enhance your sewing and bring it to a new level of professionalism, there has never been a better time to come see us for a demonstration and to test drive a model right here in the store.

Seam finishing is one item that a professional garment has that home sewing enthusiasts may overlook. Finished edges ensure that the inner edges of your garment won't unravel with the wash, creating a garment that is scratchy and uncomfortable to wear, at risk of coming apart, or just unsightly inside. Without a serger the process of finishing the edges can be quite time consuming. Besides stitching the seam together, the seam's edges must be stitched separately. A serger does everything in one step---trimming the edges to make everything neat and made to last through many washes and wears.

But a serger's convenience doesn't end there. You know those edges on store bought linens---napkins, tableclothes, and scarves? Well a serger does those easily and efficiently also. It does a superior job feeding and stitching knits because it can do the job with a differential feed with less trouble than a regular sewing machine.

Have you ever had a topstitch that didn't have enough stretch in it, making a garment fit improperly? Well a serger can help out with this issue too---with topstitching that is more elastic, more giving that a regular sewing machine.

Need to sew some piping? The serger has a particularly special knack with piping---perfect everytime.

Have you looked at the Picnic Quilt that we've had at the sewing centers and thought "tablecloth" but thought about how all the pieced seams would appear on the backside?  Piece the quilt together using a serger and the backside will look neat and finished.

And with all the special feet that are available you can add some elastic, a blind hem, or some really special embellishments to your projects.

With so much versatility, you'll wonder how you ever did without a serger in your home sewing studio! Come see us today---for a limited time select sergers come with free luggage to carry them to and from the free classes that come with a purchase from us. We'll take the guess work out of threading, teach you how to get the most out of your machine, and show you all the wonderful uses for these amazing machines---adding a professional shine to all your projects.


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