Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Help is in the Foot

Do you have issues with your fabric going through your machine? Sewing a silky fabric? Having problems with your layers not feeding evenly? Thick fabric catching? Denim not feeding through?

Then try an even feed/dual feed foot. This foot, sometimes called a walking foot, will help you out with all the issues above. This foot has its own set of feed dogs that work in unison with the machine's feed dogs and feed those difficult issues right through.

The walking foot is available for just about every brand of machine. And it's a handy foot even for the routine sewing tasks. If there is one foot that you plan to purchase for your machine consider the walking foot. Pictured is the Husqvarna Viking model made for number 7 machines in the Designer line. This particular model comes with its own snap on feet for all kinds of tasks.

More simple models of the walking foot are available for Singers and other models. Come in and see us and we'll set you up. Be sure to bring in your sewing machine's make and model number. Bringing along your machine's general purpose foot will allow our staff to better match up what you need for your particular model.

And this month during our annual Christmas in July sale, your foot just may be on sale! Come in and see us today. You'll be amazed how this foot makes all those pesky issues go away.

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