Monday, July 8, 2013

The Sapphire 875Q Gives Spectacular Results!

The Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q is a machine specifically designed for quilting. And those special quilting features can make every fashionista's job easier. So, if you're looking for an all purpose sewing machine with an eye toward maybe making a quilt in the future, consider the Sapphire 875Q.

This machine comes with your own personal advisor built right in. Enter your type and weight of fabric you're using for your project and the machine will tell you what foot, stitch length, and width is optimal. You'll also get information on what needle to use and if you need to stabilize your desired stitch---and there's 100 special stitches to choose from.   

And whether you're making a quilt for that new baby in the family or stitching up a designer jacket that would make Chanel envious, having a lot of room to move your project around is essential. The Sapphire boasts a large sewing surface---one of the biggest in its class:
Another Husqvarna Viking exclusive is the sensor foot that gives the pressure foot the optimal setting to move your project through the machine keeping your stitches even and precise without the issues you might have with other machines. This feature helps so much with heavy project: denims and quilts. And it will also help with that silky cocktail dress or scarf. Whatever the challenges that occur in your project your machine intuitively helps you get the best results.
There's also some special features you may not have considered that make sewing so simple and easy you'll wonder how you ever did without them. For example the selective thread cutter can really save you a lot of trouble and time.
As you can see, the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875Q sewing machine is a great, all purpose sewing machine, perfect for quilts, but made to do all your projects. It comes with our new owner's classes and support; we want you to know how to use all its features. We will be here for you through the lifetime of your machine.
Come see us during our Christmas in July sale and receive a $300 quilt kit full of goodies absolutely free with your purchase of the Sapphire 875Q.

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