Monday, May 21, 2012

Dad Hard to Shop For? How about these Ideas...

Father's Day is less than a month away and even if you have a Dad who has everything, there's still time to sew something that will thrill and surprise Dad. Here are just a few suggestions and even some patterns to help you get started.

For Dads who golf how about an embroidered golfing towel? Golf club covers are fast easy. Put all your pent up creativity to work.
  • Does your Dad cook? A chef's hat and apron for that barbecue might be just the thing he needs. Get a handy pattern here. While you're at it stop by the sewing center for some Insul-Bright so you can make Dad a couple of grill mitts to match.
  • For Dads who hunt and fish a slip for a gun or fishing pole comes in handy. For the fishing pole try reclaiming an old pair of jeans. Cut the jeans in half, so that you have two separate leg portions. Sew up the waist of the jeans, add a Velcro or zipper closure on the seat and a tape measure down the side for measuring all those whales that Dad is going to catch once he has that lucky fishing pole tote. Here's a how to on the gun sleeve. (We recommend that you use your embroidery machine for embellishments) 
  • Then there's the Dad with all the gadgets. But can he really ever have enough gadget totes? He'll need one for that phone, one for the tablet, and another for that laptop. No problem, with your sewing machine you've go all those gadgets covered. And don't forget to create some snazzy labels for all those bags. The Sewing Center has lots of in the hoop embroidery software specifically designed for the Dad in your life.   
  • For those Dads that like to nap a lap quilt can be made in a day. I know; sounds unbelievable but we've got some designs that can be cut, pieced, and quilted in a day. I didn't think I could put together a quilt in a day either but a recent trip to the sewing center proved me wrong. I'm thinking of using some of the family photo's to make a memorable quilt that can keep Dad warm. And a nice cozy pillow, maybe with a monogram to make Dad a personal gift that is really as special as he is.

I'm going to get out the sewing machine right now and get started. Less than one month to go to make Dad something special and so many ideas to chose from. Come into the sewing center and gather your supplies.
Spice up those gifts with Embroidery designs

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