Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Notion of Note

Look really close at this most gorgeous pillow and you will see that it has been stippled. I've always admired stippling both for the skill it takes and the look of simple elegance that it lends to a project. It just brings a project together.

But let's face it, stippling can be pretty daunting to a beginner or someone who doesn't have a whole lot of time to devote to just one project.

Husqvarna Viking has a product that helps bring everyone's quilting skills up a notch---5D Quilt Designer Software.

With 5D Quilt Designer you can import a picture of your quilt top and view a quilting application before you start the actual quilting of your piece. Multiple designs and motifs can be combined to make your very own creation. Or, if you really want to be very original, you can draw and create from your own clipart or photograph. And everything is so easy with the helpful wizards.

One of my favorite projects, besides the stippling in the hoop, is using the software to make your very own custom fabric. Take some luxurious silk, add a water or heat dissoluble stabilizer, and any quilting design, and you have your very own fabric that can be used for scarfs, dresses, blouses----just think of the possibilities; fabrics so original and pretty that they will look like they came right off the runway!

Come see us for more information. 

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