Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Touches from the Bride

We went net combing to try to uncover some great and unique gifts from the bride to all those who help make her day special:

**Wouldn't these sleep masks be original gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen alike? See the sewing center for the how to's and design software for these great masks.

**You just can't go wrong with a special clutch or purse for those bridesmaids. Why not embroider each with a name or monogram to make it personal for your special gals? A couple of the patterns that I like are here and here.

**Then don't forget those groomsmen with a wallet. A monogram would look great on this pattern also.

**Don't forget the moms either; they'll need a special kit to get through the day. Why not fill this special bag with all the essentials they will need: hankie for those tears, aspirin, mints, sewing kit, a lip gloss, maybe even a tiny snack.

**Another idea I love are these beautiful fabric callas. Maybe give as mementos to all the guests or just the Grandma's?

**And, finally, I just love this ring bearer's pillow. So delicately beautiful!

Here's hoping your day is wonderful!

 May thy life be long and happy,
Thy cares and sorrows few;
And the many friends around thee
Prove faithful, fond and true.
May your voyage through life be as happy and as free
As the dancing waves on the deep blue sea


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