Friday, January 13, 2012

Notion of the week

This is Joan, now our manager and educator at our Highland store, a couple of years ago when she was taking a class in Merrillville. Joan became such an expert at sewing she was hired!

Jan, our manager in Merrillville, has a lot of experience in sewing, quilting, embroidery. She can answer just about any question you have and if you're having a problem she won't rest until it's fixed.  Jan taught Joan everything she knows.

If you'd like to become an expert too or would just like to learn a few things about your machine and what you can do with it, then our in store classes are recommended.

We already have some classes planned, and there are new classes added every day. Point your browser to our class schedule for Merrillville or Highland. Download our schedule right to your calendar to stay up to date. And if you don't see exactly what you are interested in we're open to suggestions---use our handy contact form.

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