Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Notion of the week

Potholders are important, handy, and easy to make, but what is that stuff in between that prevents those burnt fingers?

Look no further than Northwest Indiana Sewing Centers for the insides of your potholders---and don't just trust your fingers to regular batting. The product you need to keep your fingers in tact is called Insul-Bright. It's a special batting product with a heat resistant Metalized Polyester layer---that's what protects your fingers. The product is heat resistant---don't try to stick it in your microwave oven---there's another product for that use.

Insul-Bright comes with a handy oven mitt pattern right on the package. Sometimes there's a question regarding the right or wrong side of the product---never fear there is no wrong side to Insul-Bright these days!

This product can be difficult to find locally but we have it in stock. And if you need an idea for a Valentine or hostess gift for a friend---how about a cute potholder or oven mitt---everyone can use another; don't you think?          

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