Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tip of the Week

Whether you're a fashionista or have a daughter or granddaughter who is--- now's the time to start thinking of that spring wardrobe. The professional fashion designers put out their spring collections months ago (they're oohing over  their fall collections now).

Trends for this spring and summer are in what we used to call "pastels"---pale, pillow mint colors that look great on everyone---light tangerines, lilacs, the palest raspberry, airy lemon yellows.

Plenty of inspiration can be found on the internet---with a quick search with words like spring 2012 fashion trends you'll be able to view what the professional designers are doing . And with your sewing machine you can create one of a kind creations of your own---not the same old off the rack everyone else has.

Or, if time is short, how about using that sewing machine to make embellishments to that off the rack or thrift store jacket, dress or pant? Maybe you already have an accessory or garment that you love but that could use a bit of updating? A little embroidery on a sleeve, adding a trim to that handbag, or a decorative stitch on the hem of that spring dress adds a little something to make that garment or accessory your own original.

So whether you're sewing for yourself or your family, on a limited budget or have a fashionista windfall, let's dust off those sewing machines and create---the power of creativity with a sewing machine.

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