Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tip of the Week

Thread----so many choices. If you're new to machine embroidery you'll soon be wondering about all those choices and not only about what color to choose.

Rayon thread's shine makes it a great choice for colorful, high gloss designs. Rayon comes in a 40 weight and heavier 35 weight. Be sure to swap out the needle on your machine---use an embroidery needle and keep the needle sharp for the best results.

For durablity, colorfastness, and washability Trilobal Polyester thread is had to beat. This thread is now being made with a glossy finish that comes close to Rayon. Again, a size 75/11 embroidery needle is recommended for this 40 weight thread.

When shine and sheen don't matter nothing ever beats good, old fashioned natural cotton thread. Vintage hand embroidery was done in cotton and now machine embroidery can also use this natural fiber. Cotton thread holds color very well---as demonstrated in all those heirloom examples that remain colorful from years past. A heavier cotton thread 20-30 weight makes great redwork designs (use a 90/14 sharp embroidery needle.) Cotton comes in a number of weights---use your embroidery needle in the correct size.

For your bobbin thread a lightweight bobbin thread is best. We carry pre-wound bobbins in black and white; a real time saver when you're anxious to start creating and don't want to be held up by winding bobbins. If  you would like your design's back to match the front then use a coordinating thread, otherwise it is perfectly acceptable to use white or black bobbin thread depending on your fabric and design choices.

We carry a wide variety of colors and types of threads in addition to bobbin threads and pre-wound bobbins. We carry R/A, Hemingworth, Coats and Clark. We've just added the Floriani line to the choices we offer to inspire your creativity. And if you are ever in doubt about what type of thread is best for your project----simply ask our staff.


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